Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Mouse in the House

This story began awhile ago when we had a little mouse problem. I don't know if you all heard the story but this is how it began. John set out traps for the mice who were eating our food storage. Of course right after he left for the day a poor little mousey got trapped. I figured it was on it's way to heaven when I heard sqeaking and all sorts of noise. It only trapped it's leg. Long story short after hours of trying to figure out what to do with the mouse I carefully (with gloves on) took it out of the trap and chucked it over our fence. I figured nature would take care of what I didn't have the heart to do. After that many more little mousies found their way into our traps and that is when I realized the disadvantages of living behind a green belt. Just this last weekend John found a rat's nest with 5 babies. Of course the girls were in love with the babies so we let them see them and hold them. John and I were not so easily swayed by their cuteness (although they were pretty cute).

Then we had to "take them back to their mother". Taylor was sad because she was hoping to be a little Mommy. She has been really taking to the other animals we have. We are just not ready for a dog or anything to that degree. But I saw an upside to a's a mouse hunter. So one thing lead to another... and here we are.

Those cute little rats (may they rest in peace) led to this cute little new addition. No name for her yet but she is very sweet. Her first night was tough without her buddies. She came from a large litter so she was missing having someone around. Talyor has been upstairs all day just "taking care" of our kitten. She is a great companion. She keeps telling us "It's O.K. I'm her Mommy". Mikayla has been a terror just as we suspected. I found her hanging her by one leg and all the litter ended up in the food and the food was in the litter... but Mikayla loves holding her and when she is calm the kitty likes her too. I have already had her fall asleep in my lap and chase my hand. All the things I remember loving about my cats when I was younger. Hopefully she loves to catch mice too! I guess we are looking for name suggestions. Let us know what you think she looks like.


Koreen said...

Did you find a name yet? She's very cute! How about Kea Kapua'i? It means white paw in Hawaiian. She can be Kea for short.

Koreen said...

Okay, so just noticing how long ago the original post was and I'm guessing she has a name by now. :)